Wilten Festival Overture

This piece was composed for a rather remarkable occasion a concert which took place on 6th May 2000 to mark the 350th anniversary of the Stadtmusikkapelle Wilten, Innsbruck. Founded in 1650, this stunning concert band must be unique in being able to celebrate such a long, continuous history.

The slow, extended opening begins with a bold fanfare, led by the horns. An expressive theme unfolds until a full-band climax is reached. Short solo statements for saxophone, horn and trumpet lead to a recapitulation of this theme, which melts into a vigorous and rhythmic Vivo.

A robust tune is presented by the clarinets and taken up by the whole band before a legato tune from the middle of the band leads to a change of key and a cantabile theme, again presented by the clarinets. The original Vivo tune reappears before the opening fanfare briefly interrupts the mood before a short Coda ends the work.