Three Miniatures

Three Miniatures was commissioned by the National Youth Brass Band of Switzerland for their 1994 course.

1 Prelude

The first movement opens with a bold fanfare with a modal feel. A slightly faster section follows this with a perky tune from the solo cornets. An extended bridge passage leads to a legato ‘trio’ tune in the minor key and eventually a development of the bridge passage leads to a recapitulation of the first tune and the opening fanfare.

2 Hill Song

This is an evocation of a deserted pastoral upland that could be in any country but is perhaps rather English in flavour. A chordal accompaniment is set up for a haunting flugel tune. Short cadenzas for cornet and euphonium lead to a climax for the full band before the flugel tune returns in a different guise to close the movement.

3 Scherzo

The finale is a rather eccentric (in places) Scherzo. It starts at a headlong gallop with notes flying around the band, abrupt key changes and scoring that throws material from section to section. A legato central theme introduces a brief moment of sanity but it is soon dispelled by a return to the opening material. Two of the main themes join forces in the race to the finish.