Sorry to disappoint you, but these are not photos of me. The advent of the mobile phone/camera has

meant that I can at last capture for posterity some of the absurd things that delight me almost daily.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a photo of a road sign I saw in Australia that read:-


(I'm sure there is a very good reason for it) or the sign on a new motorway near London:-


or a sign on a bridge in Munich which reads (in translation):-


Anyway, here are few I managed to snap. The quality is not good in all cases, but they are all equally ridiculous!


If you have similar photos that you would like to add to this page, I'd be delighted to

add them with a suitable credit. Please e-mail a jpeg to


And you cant spell


No comment needed


Saw this slot machine in Vegas and it summed the

town up. Why not use a picture of the Sphinx?


Not a humourous photo but this is the new Wembley

Stadium's first public event. (I went as I live two

minutes away from it).

The original stadium had hotels and a conference

centre and would cost 650,000,000. "Too expensive"

the Government said, "Let's just have a stadium".

They redesigned it and it cost 750,000,000


Never tried squah - suppose it's a bit like squash


When I saw this, I was convinced 'queueing' was

misspelt. But the dictionary says you can apparently

spell it however you like! There is no right way.


Sign at a not-very-good hotel near my home. The

buffet must be spectacular!


They seem to have had a change of policy. I hope

the quality hasn't suffered......


I wish I could tell you these cats are called Yin and

Yang, but they're not!

(from Hiromi Kurosawa)


Sad ! Sometimes life is like that........


These days there are so many things we're not

allowed to do, it's refreshing to know that it's OK

to speak to the driver's vision while the bus is not


Not a photo, but a genuine letter from the Arkansas

Democrat newspaper 24th April 2007..................



Daylight exacerbates warming


You may have noticed that March of this year was particularly hot. As a matter of fact, I understand that it was the hottest March since the beginning of the last century. All of the trees were fully leafed out and legions of bugs and snakes were crawling around during a time in Arkansas when, on a normal year, we might see a snowflake or two.

This should come as no surprise to any reasonable person. As you know, Daylight Saving Time started almost a month early this year. You would think that members of Congress would have considered the warming effect that an extra hour of daylight would have on our climate. Or did they?

Perhaps this is another plot by a liberal Congress to make us believe that global warming is a real threat. Perhaps next time there should be serious studies performed before Congress passes laws with such far-reaching effects.



















Whoever put the first lamp-post in did a good job.

Whoever put the second one in should have really

made a couple of phone calls first.....

13, presumably.......

Shop sign in Cairo - I'm sure they don't mean they

want to stop all those things (maybe they do?) and

it's a cheap shot to criticise their spelling as my Arabic

is also a bit rusty, but you'd think that Pepsi (who

presumably paid for the sign) could do better, wouldn't you?

Or perhaps they can't spell Coke, either...........

Now appearing all over London, these new pedestrian

signals are aimed at reducing congestion in our capital

by painlessly eliminating confused tourists.

That's right - self-belief can work wonders.....

Whoever decided on this domain name (found on a

tennis net) was a bright cookie - love it!

Couldn't quite get a photo of Harrow's local villains

quaking in their boots - or were they simply shaking

with laughter....?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think 5.95 is a tad

too much for a free drink a and fine burger, no matter

how fine it may be.

At 9999.00, this seems a bit expensive to me - as well as a bit 

dangerous to have about the house. Much as I'd love a priceless Vampire

Varghulf, I think I'll stick to hamsters .... as he probably does.

I suppose it doesn't actually say '24 hours a day' .....

The lower sign is, I grant you, meant to be helpful - but it's not that

difficult to work out!

I despair about this one! We are all used to firms using numbers for

words:- Phones4U or Buy2Save for example - but this is incredible!

To explain a little, those blessed with a 'London' accent (and all

footballers, apparently) pronounce 'three' as 'free' so the above is:-

Flow Free Drains and Freephone... I can't bear to say any more....

Sorry about the quality of this one, but the words on this helicopter

in our wonderful Royal Air Force Museum read:-


I'd have thought this would be covered in basic training to the point that

it wasn't actually necessary to paint this on the helicopters themselves......

The Norwegians are really great! The city of Stavanger has a small

harbour. These steps lead down to the water and the burghers

have kindly put in little steps so the ducks can climb out. Love it !!


What can I say? You can't say it's not 100% accurate....

You can't be too careful, can you?

I feel I'm missing out here. I need a detailed list at the very least.....

Quite right, too! All the more space for me!!

Moscow is also a small village in Scotland. I thought this was delightful!

They should add "Please do not spy"

I'm fascinated by what's NOT in this picture. I imagine to the right of

this notice is a cage full of rampaging and snarling vines, their saliva-covered

teeth gnashing wildly at passers-by .......

(from Raymond Brebach)

I have a love/hate relationship with British Airways. They opened

Terminal 5 at Heathrow in 2008 (a bit of a mess) but never-the-less

had the chance to design it from scratch. The could have anything they

wanted. Why on earth they wanted life-sized horses with lamps on their

heads to adorn their Business Lounge I have yet to find out!

Continuing the above theme, only in Terminal 5 could north and south

be in the same direction.....


Here are three lovely contributions sent from Australia by Tim Wilson..

and don't drink if you're in charge of a road sign making machine!

can't do this, can't do that ! :(

knowledge is power ..........

this is clearly not the case! (from Martin Green)

A bit of punctuation would have helped here!

I thought it said "No parking vehicles will be

clamped" ...... and got clamped  :(

This is either a bad idea (a play on the word

'ease') or just bad spelling. Neither is good!

Our NHS (National Health Service) is facing

budget cuts, but this seems, on the face of it,

to be one step too far......


Helpful article from The Basingstoke and Deane Council Magazine

Q What plastics can I recycle?

A. At present in Basingstoke and

Deane, we can only recycle plastic

bottles. We are unable to recycle other

plastic packaging, such as margarine tubs

or yoghurt pots.

If unsure, ask yourself two questions: is the

item a bottle? Is the item plastic? If the

answer to both questions is 'yes' then you

can recycle it.

Part of the new Tesco 'Past Their Best' range

(from Carolyn Chandler)

except for the chosen few, of course....

except for the chosen few, of course....

I think that managing to make three spelling

mistakes in what should be 8 words deserves some

sort of award!

Always my favourite type of entrance....

This car appeared in a wall round the corner from my house.

Yet to be fully explained, but local rumour was that it is a Chinese

take-away delivery car. Door-to-door service!

No comment!

This mess is apparently a chips, cheese and coleslaw sandwich.

Who dreamt that one up???

No comment (thanks to Kristin Jensen Alle)

Not quite sure what to say about this one!