A Malvern Suite

A Malvern Suite was written in 1984 after a visit to Hereford and Worcester and is in three movements, each named after one of the ‘Three Choirs’ venues.

1 Worcester Cathedral

A brisk unison opening leads to the first fanfare-like subject on the cornets, which is followed by a broad theme on the horns, baritones and euphoniums. The mood subsides until a lighter, chordal passage is introduced on the middle of the band, which leads to the central climax of the movement for full band. The original fanfare material returns quietly, interrupted by the broad theme before the movement fades to a close.

2 The Wye at Hereford

The second movement opens with a wistful trombone solo which introduces the main theme on the solo cornet. This is followed by a light staccato passage, which accompanies a cantabile tune on the euphoniums and baritones. This is taken up the whole band until, after a climax, the cornet tune returns, and this time on full band. The movement closes quietly.

3 Gloucester Market

This is a bright and breezy movement starting with a perky tune on the horns and euphoniums. This is answered by the cornets and basses and followed by a bridge passage, which leads to a legato cornet solo over a rhythmic accompaniment. This expands until the whole band is playing and leads back with a short reminder of the main theme from an Eb bass, which is interrupted by the whole band in unison.