A London Overture

Commissioned by and especially published for the Dutch National Brass Band Championships, 1984

A London Overture opens majestically with a figure on the baritones and euphoniums that recurs throughout the piece. At (A) the cornets start a ‘bell’ effect that builds to a climax when the opening figure returns. This subsides into a slower section with a wistful tune for the solo cornet. Over a quiet drum roll, trombone, horn, cornet and euphonium each play a short cadenza and a lively allegro follows based on fanfare-type material until the first real tune emerges at (E). After a short bridge passage a calmer tune in 7/8 appears which the fanfare material soon interrupts. A sudden plunge into minor tonality at (K) heralds a sad tune on the solo cornet, answered by the euphonium. After a slightly more optimistic passage for the full band the sad cornet tunes returns, loud and uncompromising. The climax subsides and a perky figure on the horn leads to a new tune on the trombone at (R) which gives way after a brief allusion to the opening of the piece to a recapitulation of the allegro. The 7/8 tune returns with florid passages from the cornets until the final statement of the main theme at (U). This is suddenly interrupted by a loud gong, which heralds the return of the opening material. The overture ends with a presto containing the original euphonium and baritone figure and ending with a rush of notes.