A Celtic Suite

A Celtic Suite was written in 1985 to a commission from the West Glamorgan Youth Band. The three movements are based on traditional Welsh tunes.

1 The first movement opens with a brisk fanfare which introduces the lively dance "Dawns Werin". A euphonium plays the tune in its entirety, followed by a cornet before an abrupt change of key entices the whole band to throw the tune from one to another. Returning to the original key, the basses and euphoniums play the tune until they are interrupted by the trombones with a new tune of their own. The two tunes vie with each other until they are played simultaneously to end the movement.

2 The beautiful "Suo Gan" is the basis for the calmer second movement. It is played first by euphoniums and baritones and then by the basses under a bell effect from the top of the band before the whole band takes it up. The movement ends peacefully and quietly.

3 "Men of Harlech" provides the finale. The tune takes some time to establish itself after percussion and trombones start the movement in aggressive style, but it eventually gets underway, only to be interrupted by the opening motif and a lyrical line from the horns and euphoniums. Short cadenzas from the cornet and euphonium lead back to the recapitulation and the famous march-song ends the work in triumph.