Wind in the Reeds (Bassoon Solo)

Wind in the Reeds was commissioned by Deena Draycott in memory of John Watson, with funds raised from friends, colleagues and through specially arranged concerts. The first performance, which featured Sam Brough as bassoon soloist accompanied by a band made up of many players who had known or been taught by John, took place in Trinity Sports Hall, Nottingham, on July 2nd 2016.

John Watson was an Army bandsman, teacher and bassoonist who sadly passed away in 2014. Among his many achievements was a highly successful spell (2003-2009) as conductor of the Derby Concert Band; during this time he had invited composer Philip Sparke to lead a workshop with the band.

Wind in the Reeds is a both tribute and lasting memorial to John, who had been such an influence on so many musicians. The piece is largely pastoral in nature, evoking images conjured up by the ‘play on words’ in the title, but includes a faster central section which exploits other aspects of the character of the bassoon, one of the composer’s favourite instruments. Transitions between the various sections of the piece are achieved through a series of accompanied cadenzas for the soloist.