To A New Dawn

To A New Dawn was commissioned by the United States Continental Army Band - Captain Timothy J. Holtan, Commander and Conductor.

The brief was for a piece to celebrate the 3rd Millennium and it was the composerís aim to provide a work which, as well as looking forward to the challenges of the new century, also contained moments of reflection about the last one.

After a bright introduction featuring the trumpets a perky theme, passing quickly through several keys, appears on the woodwinds. A solo trumpet takes up a new theme over bubbling quavers (eighth notes) and this leads to a rhythmic figure on low clarinets, followed by the upper woodwinds. A brass interlude follows and, after a short bridge passage, an oboe takes up a contrasting legato tune that builds to a climax.

An andante section follows with solos for horn and flugel horn (or trumpet) and a florid flute cadenza. A passionate climax leads back to the faster music and, eventually, to a full recapitulation, revisiting the earlier material before a lively coda close the work as it began.