Time Remembered

Time Remembered was commissioned by the Woking Wind Orchestra with support from the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles (BASBWE).

The initial idea was for a millennium piece, which it is. But rather than add to the many celebratory pieces that have understandably been written to salute the 3rd Millennium, Philip Sparke thought it would perhaps be appropriate to think about the aspects of life that are constantly with us (faith, philosophy whatever you like to call it) rather than the exciting changes that the year 2000 has undeniably wrought. The aim was to write a piece which reflects on those things we all need to hold on to, no matter how many changes take place around us and to acknowledge the necessity not to forget our past while looking forward to the future.

A solo alto saxophone opens the work, soon joined by a tenor saxophone. A climax is quickly reached before the first significant theme is presented by a flute. The music pushes on until a rich chorale-like theme appears on the lower half of the band, soon to be taken up by the full band. This is followed by some quieter moments, culminating in a short passage for unaccompanied clarinet. The main theme then reappears on oboe and alto saxophone but is interrupted by earlier material from the piece. The opening music returns, but is more resolute than before and it brings the work to a peaceful close.