Three Norwegian Sketches

Three Norwegian Sketches was commissioned by Åndalsnes Musikkforening from Norway, John Hudson conductor. They played it at the Norwegian National Wind Band Championships (NM Janitsjar) in March 2018. The three contrasting movements describe life and scenery around the town of Åndalsnes on the beautiful west coast of Norway.

1. TROLLVEGGEN (The Troll Wall)

The Troll Wall is part of the mountain massif Trolltindene (Troll Peaks) in the Romsdalen valley and part of the Reinheimen National Park. It is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, about 1,100 meters from its base to the summit of its highest point. The music in this movement describes the magnificent mountain scenery of the Troll Wall, especially the ragged peaks which characterise part of the range as well as depicting the sudden dramatic changes of mood that weather can bring in such a landscape.

2. RAUMA ELV (River Rauma)

The River Rauma runs through the Romsdalen valley and reaches the Romsdals fjord at the town of Åndalsnes. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful rivers in Norway and was once famous for its salmon fishing. Here the music captures the gentle flow of the river as it passes through the scenic valley but with livelier moments depicting splashes of white water which occasionally break the tranquil mood.

3. RAUMABANEN (The Rauma Line)

The Rauma Line opened in 1924 and was an important factor in the growth of Åndalsnes into the town we see today. This movement describes a journey on what has been described as Europe’s most beautiful railway, passing through some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery, with magnificent views of both the Troll Wall and the Rauma River.