The Legend of Celobrium

The Legend of Celobrium was commissioned by the Harmonie de Soleuvre, Luxembourg, to celebrate their 100th Anniversary in 2007.

Celobrium was the Roman name for Soleuvre (Zolwer in Luxembourgish, Zolver in German) and the piece describes a famous fable which has been associated with the area for centuries:-

The Treasure of Zolverknapp

The Zolverknapp, near to the village of Zolver, is one of Luxembourg’s highest points. Centuries ago it was the site of Alexander’s castle. Not far from the Zolverknapp, near Belvaux, a mighty robber by the name of Tara lived on a wooded hilltop. Both men sought to rule over the neighbouring area and were constantly feuding.

Tara was eventually victorious and his only concession was to release Alexander’s wife, who was allowed to leave by donkey, taking with her only the valuables which the donkey could carry. She would be allowed to settle in safety as far away as the donkey could travel and she noble elected to take Alexander with her, knowing it would slow her journey. She threw all her gold and jewellery into a deep well in the grounds of the castle.

The journey was slow and painful and only with a struggle were they able to reach safety at the top of a nearby hill where they settled and established a new castle at Differdange.

Centuries passed and the castle at Zolver crumbled in ruins, nobody having dared to reach the treasure in the depth of the castle’s well. But eventually seven brave men were persuaded by the local priest to descend in search of the gold. He gave them a rope to let themselves down and warned them not to talk when they reached the bottom. They searched in the dark and were overjoyed to find boxes and boxes full of gold. Foolishly, they forgot the priest’s warning and yelled for joy. Suddenly the devil appeared. The men tried to escape but couldn’t climb out and were never seen again. The treasure of Zolverknapp remains there to this day.