Three Extraordinary Journeys

A tribute to Jules Verne

In June 2005 an event called ‘Sparke Avenue 2005’ was held in the city of Amiens in north-eastern France. Spread over 5 days it consisted of workshops, masterclasses and concerts featuring four French brass bands and one from Australia.

The closing concert, on June 26th, featured all 5 bands and was held outside the city’s stunning cathedral, prior to its ‘colourisation’, a ceremony during which lights are played on the building’s main entrance, to simulate its original painted appearance.

The concert included the first performance of Three Extraordinary Journeys, commissioned for the event to mark the centenary of the death of the author Jules Verne, who lived in the city for much of his life. Based on three novels from his ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’ series of travel stories, the music aims to capture the excitement and adventure of these famous books.