Singapore Celebration

Singapore Celebration was commissioned by the Co-Curricular Activities Branch of the Ministry of Education as one of the test pieces for the Singapore Youth Festival 2010 Central Judging, an annual event at which school ensembles of all kinds from throughout Singapore can receive gold, silver or bronze awards for their performance.

The work is in march form and an opening fanfare leads to the main theme, which is modal in character. A contrasting second theme, legato in style, leads to a climax before the main theme returns.

Singapore Celebration has been scored so that it can be played by small brass ensembles. The minimum instrumentation is:-

Solo Cornet, 2nd Cornet, 3rd Cornet, Solo Horn, 1st Horn, 3 Trombones, Euphonium, Eb or Bb Bass and 1st Percussion.

All other parts are optional but their addition will, of course, add immensely to the sonority of the ensemble.