Scaramouche - Baritone or Euphonium Solo

Scaramouche was commissioned by Katrina Marzella with a grant from the BBC Performing Arts Fund.

Undoubtedly the finest baritone player of her generation, Katrina was granted an education bursary from the BBC Performing Arts Fund as a result of winning the BBC Radio 2 Young Brass Soloist of the Year in 2004. This has allowed her to commission a series of new works for her instrument, including Scaramouche.

In this version for euphonium and concert band, Scaramouche continues Sparke’s series of works which uses the Italian improvisational theatre tradition of commedia dell’arte as an inspiration. Pantomime, Harlequin and, now, Scaramouche draw on the contrasting moods of pathos and comedy characterised by the ‘happy/sad’ masks which symbolise European theatre. A slow expressive ballad, followed by a spirited vivace allows the composer to exploit both the lyrical and technical sides of the euphonium, therefore giving the soloist the chance to display the full capabilities of their instrument.