Processional was composed as a wedding present for Sheona White and Stuart Lingard, solo horn and principal cornet with the famous YBS Brass Band, who were on hand to play it at the ceremony on 24th July 2005. Composer Philip Sparke has had a long association with the band and produced Sheona’s first solo CD, The Voice of the Tenor Horn.

Processional can be played simply as a concert piece but has been designed specifically for occasions such as weddings or graduation ceremonies. To this end it can be played in a variety of ways, depending on how much music is needed:-

1) As written

2) A shorter version, ending on the first note of bar 13 (with a pause)

3) Same as 2) but repeating bars 3-12 as required

4) Playing the whole piece, but repeating bars 3-12 and/or bars 29-44 as required