Postcard from Singapore - Suite of Singaporean Folk Songs

POSTCARD FROM SINGAPORE was commissioned by M.A.S.T. Music, Singapore, for a concert featuring Philip Sparke’s music when he conducted the Singapore Armed Forces Central Band. The first performance took place on 23rd July 2003.

The three movements are based on traditional folk songs, popular as children’s songs throughout Singapore.

The first movement is based on Gelang Sipaku Gelang, a well-loved folksong which has become associated with the Geylang area and which is a song about community spirit, about living together in harmony.

The slower second movement uses Di-Tanjung Katong, a song which is popular with children’s choirs. Tanjung Katong is a district on the south eastern coast of Singapore.

The third movement uses two traditional melodies: Lenggang Kangkung tells of the graceful swaying of watercress in the rice paddy fields and this is eventually combined contrapuntally with Munnaeru Vaalibaa.