Merry-Go-Round was commissioned in 2001 by the City of Lesquin, France, for their annual brass band competition, Brass Open. The idea was to have a piece that could be used as a ‘signature tune’ for the competition. It is a mini ‘concerto for band’ which features each section in turn.

After a fanfare-like introduction, the cornets are the first to take centre stage, with the front and back rows alternating phrases of the main theme. A change of key heralds the horns and flugel, who play a slightly more legato version of the tune.

The trombones then introduce a second theme against a rhythmic accompaniment before the baritones and euphoniums take up the main theme again. The next variation is shared between the basses and percussion (who are allowed to play anything they like!) before the whole band takes up the trombone theme against running passages from solo cornets and euphoniums. The opening fanfare returns to bring the piece to a close.