MARCHISSIMO can be played simply as written, but was really designed as a concert opener, as it gives the opportunity to bring players on stage one by one as they join in.

It is, in fact, three marches in one. The first march theme is presented by percussion (bass drum, snare drum and then glockenspiel) and these are joined by Bb bass, Eb bass and then euphonium.

The trombones then join in to accompany a solo cornet, which plays the second march theme. Baritones then join in with a counter melody and the second theme is then played again by everybody on stage.

The horns then enter with a third theme, more legato in character. Everyone is now on stage and this theme is repeated by the full band. A short section follows where snatches of all the themes are thrown around the band and this builds to a final tutti, where all three themes are played simultaneously.