Jubiloso - Concert March  (Philip Sparke)

Jubiloso was commissioned by Utsunomiya Brass Society to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2008.

Utsunomiya is the capital of Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture and is about 100 km north of Tokyo, about an hour on the bullet train. Formed in 1978, Utsunomiya Brass Society is a talented and versatile group of brass players whom Philip Sparke has conducted on many occasions. When they asked him to compose a ‘signature’ march to celebrate their 30th anniversary, they asked for a bright and breezy march which they could use to open concerts.

Jubiloso is in the same ‘Broadway’ style as Sparke’s Slipstream and The Bandwagon with heavily syncopated melodies and the conventional cantabile trio section but also contains sudden bars of unusual meter which trip up the march rhythm.