Fanfare for Saint Cecilia

Fanfare for St Cecilia was commissioned by the Harmonieverein Cäcilia, Herzogenrath, Germany, to celebrate their 150th Anniversary in 2008. The first performance took place during a workshop, conducted by the composer, on October 26th that year.

Herzogenrath is in north-west Germany, very close to its borders with Holland and Belgium. The workshop with composer Philip Sparke took place on ‘Three Countries Day’ which celebrated the close association of these three countries and members of the band included players from Germany, Belgium, Holland and France as well as the local Harmonieverein Cäcilia.

The programme included a selection of Sparke’s works and featured the first performance of this fanfare, which was specially commissioned for the occasion. It was a culmination of a year of special events marking the band’s 150th anniversary. 

The fanfare opens and closes with a majestic brass theme, accompanied by florid woodwind figuration, which contrasts with the more lyrical central section.