Exultation was commissioned by the Japanese concert band, Musee d’Art Harmonie to celebrate their 10th Anniversary in 2009. The first performance was given on June 6th in their anniversary year.

The piece is a short and energetic concert opener which is almost palindromic in form and begins in fanfare style, juxtaposing 3/4 and 6/8 rhythms in almost Latin style. This introduces the main theme on euphonium, horns and saxophones which has a ‘blues’ tinge and is underpinned by alternating 3/4 and 6/8 rhythms. After a short bridge passage, a second theme appears which is short and spiky and played by the bass instruments of the band. This is taken up by the whole ensemble and leads to a central more lyrical theme, appearing first on trumpet and then on woodwinds. The staccato second theme reappears which leads back to the ‘blues’ melody which reintroduces the opening fanfare to bring the work to a close.