The Camelot Chronicles

The Camelot Chronicles was commissioned by the Canarelli Middle School Band, Clark County, Nevada, USA - Rick McEnaney, Director - and premiered by them on 13th March 2007.

A theme of Camelot was chosen and Philip Sparke has constructed a series of contrasting musical tableaux, each describing the famous characters from the Arthurian legend. No-one knows exactly where Camelot was situated (favourite choices are Tintagel and Glastonbury, both in the west of England) but the story has passed into legend and is the subject of many poems and novels, each of which have clouded the truth and added to the mystery. 

1. AT THE CASTLE GATES is a picture of Camelot itself.

2. KING ARTHUR describes his majestic arrival at the castle.

3. MERLIN THE WIZARD is spooky in mood and describes one of his mischievous spells.

4. LANCELOT AND GUINEVERE is a romantic duet for alto saxophone and flute which describes the knight’s noble love for the queen.

5. KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE conjures up their gallop into battle to end the piece in triumph.