A Sevenoaks Suite

A Sevenoaks Suite was commissioned by the Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Concert Band (Ian Harby, Musical Director) from Kent in the south-east of England. They gave the premiere on 17th March 2018 in St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks. 

The suite describes 3 famous landmarks in the Sevenoaks and Tonbridge area:-

1. Knole Park

Knole Park is situated to the south-east of Sevenoaks and comprises over 1000 acres of deer park, with the beautiful 15th century Knole House at its centre.

The first movement opens majestically, to reflect the grandeur of Knole House. A quicker central section depicts a busy weekend in the park, with visitors arriving to enjoy the house and parkland. The opening music returns to close the movement peacefully.

2. The Chapel - Tonbridge School

Tonbridge School was founded in the 16th century and is one of the country’s leading boys’ boarding schools. The chapel was enlarged in 1902 and is a fine building with a beautiful interior.

This movement centres around a hymn-like chorale, depicting the years of worship that have taken place within the chapel.


3. The Vine Bandstand

The Vine Cricket Ground is in the centre of Sevenoaks and boasts a fine Victorian bandstand next to the pavilion. The Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Concert Band often gives concerts there

The third movement suggests the type of music often played in bandstands. It’s in march form, but is note actually a march throughout, veering off into other styles before ending emphatically.