A Norwegain Hymn - Hymn to Frei

A Norwegian Hymn was commissioned by the Norwegian brass band, Frei Hornmusikk, for a concert in November 2014.

The piece is an arrangement of Hymn to Frei, written by Axel Fiske (1909-1959), who was famous in the region as an artist and wood carver and held the office of mayor of Frei for 12 years.

Composer Philip Sparke had already used part of the hymn in his 2007 piece The Saga of Haakon the Good, which was also commissioned by Frei Hornmusikk and deals with local historical events dating back to the 10th century.

A Norwegian Hymn presents three verses of the hymn: the first features various soloists from the band, the second is quieter, starting with a muted passage for the cornets and trombones and the last changes key to bring the arrangement to a triumphal conclusion.

Hymn to Frei has been used with kind permission of the composerís family.