A Midwest Fanfare

A Midwest Fanfare was commissioned by the Brass Band of Battle Creek and premiered by them during their appearance at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago on 20th December 2017.

The Brass Band of Battle Creek is a professional ensemble based in Michigan and has had a close association with composer Philip Sparke since 1992. Philip Sparke was therefore delighted to be asked to write a piece for such a prestigious event - BBBC gave the opening concert of the Clinic and this fanfare was the opening piece of the entire event.

A Midwest Fanfare is designed to be played with the cornets split into two teams either side of the band. It opens with the two groups answering each other antiphonally over a repeated figure in the lower band. A calmer central section introduces a euphonium solo which is then taken up by the whole ensemble. This leads back to a repeat of the opening fanfares over a rhythmic accompaniment and a short coda which brings the work to a close.